Since 1997 Univiti S.r.l. has become an important reference point on the national and international market, supplying not only standard fasteners but also fasteners according to customer drawings. Started as a small family business with customers mostly local, soon it became a structured company able to supply screws and fasteners not only in Italy but also in Europe. Today thanks to a storage of 20 000 items in our warehouse we have become trusted suppliers of companies in the industrial and craft sector in Italy and abroad.

The wide range of products, the operational flexibility and specialization acquired allows us to meet the specific needs of big and small companies in the industrial sector who are searching for high quality products.

We are your specialised supplier of high quality screws and bolts

Satisfy our customer's difficult requests is our main goal, thanks to an accurate selection of manufacturers and suppliers all over the world which guarantee the highest quality, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. We have experience and a level of specialization that allows us to transform the critical issues in achieved goals.

Availability, flexibility and rapidity: we always work with the precise willingness to solve our customer’s problems becoming much more than just a supplier but a key partner in the success of each project.

Our knowledge and experience in the bolt and fasteners industry allows us to provide reliable, competent and rapid responses with the possibility to dispatch available goods from our warehouse in 24 hours. An accurate and on time service guaranteed throughout Italy and abroad.